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Citygate Outreach Ministries exists to make Jesus famous. We believed we are Co-Missioned; to rescue the hurting, raise disciples, and release world changers. Often, this means being intentional and taking the Gospel message, discipleship, and servanthood outside the walls of the church. Citygate Ministries is strategically placed in the heart of downtown Fort Myers and are on mission to take the Gospel message and love of God to every single person within our five-mile radius. From the richest to the poorest neighborhoods, from the courthouse to the bus station, from the penthouse to the projects, we want every person to have the opportunity to be radically transformed by the power of the Gospel and YOU can be a part of this incredible opportunity. We are praying for you and cannot wait to see how God desires to use you to serve in Outreach for His Kingdom purpose!

Community Events

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We offer a variety of community and neighborhood outreach opportunity each month. Our purpose is to build relationships with our neighbors by ministering to them in diverse ways. Our hope is to bring transformation by the power of the Gospel of Jesus to the young, the old, and everyone in between. 

Community Outreach Opportunities Include:

Prayer at the Courthouse: In partnership with Courtside Ministries, we take a team from Citygate to pray with those who find themselves at the courthouse for any reason. We provide free Bibles/study materials (in English and Spanish) and invite those looking for a church to come to Citygate. 

The mission of Courthouse Ministries says:  Courtside Ministries mission is to enable people working in or going in and out of courthouses to experience the love, grace, and power of Jesus Christ by inviting His presence through prayer. We desire to see people encouraged through hope, strengthened through prayer, guided by the Bible, helped by the community, reconciled to each other, and forgiven through Christ.

We need Spanish speaking volunteers to provide the same level of Gospel focused ministry service to our Spanish speaking community.

Neighborhood Outreach: This includes sharing the Gospel, family events, BBQ’s, monthly senior Bingo, and more.

Elementary School Outreach: Reading programs, unique events, teacher/staff support

To sign up to volunteer, please click below:

Citygate white bus Ministry as a part of the Outreach ministry


The Bus Ministry at Citygate is another form of Outreach to our community within a 5-mile radius of our church. The purpose is to provide children and adults with a consistent and dependable opportunity to attend, learn, grow, and serve within the Citygate Church Body.

The Bus Ministry is more than just transportation, it one of the “vehicles” that we use for the community to draw near to the Word of God.

We are looking for volunteers willing to drive the church van, providing transportation for our neighbors at least one time per month.


We are always looking for talented and passionate volunteers to help with our outreaches. Where is God calling you to serve? To find out more about how you can get involved, contact us today. We’d love to have you as part of the team!