Citygate Outreach Group



Citygate Ministries is an outreach church. We feel the most effective ministry happens outside the walls of the church, 7 days a week, around the clock. The mission of our church is to reach out and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God to anyone and everyone in our 5 mile radius. Within our 5 mile radius, we have some of the richest and poorest neighborhoods in the city. We are strategically located in the heart of downtown Fort Myers, the business and cultural center of our city. From the projects to the penthouses, we have an opportunity and calling for outreach. At Citygate Ministries, we have tons of outreach ministry opportunities for everyone to get involved; jump in and see how God can use you to change our city.

Community Events

Outreach Ministry's Inflatable Water Slide at Rock The Block


Rock the Block is a community outreach! We do a variety of community and neighborhood outreach events each month. Our purpose is to adopt a community and build relationships with our neighbors by ministering to them in different ways each month. Our hope is to bring transformation by the power of the Gospel of Jesus to the young, the old and everyone in between.

Rock the Block outreach include: High-energy Sidewalk Sunday School, Prayer walks with our Hot Dog Cart, Community BBQs, Slides and Water Days, Community Clean Up, Car Wash, Back to School Bash, Turkey Drive, Christmas Events, and so much more…

We believe that God has empowered us to go into all areas and preach the Gospel, love our neighbors and serve them well.

Outreach ministry member and community member enjoying a burger with balloon crowns


Royal Palm Towers is a low-income public housing community in downtown Ft. Myers for senior adults ages 55 and over. The outreach began in May 2015 when Citygate was approached by members of the resident council and asked to help alleviate needs within this community and provide extra support. Since then we have adopted the people at Royal Palm Towers and have been blessed to enjoy their friendship and have had the opportunity to provide everything from clothing, toilet paper, and performing memorial services to throwing BBQs and community birthday parties.

On a weekly and monthly basis this outreach serves through service projects, random acts of kindness and community building events.

You can get involved in many areas of outreach including: Saturday bread ministry, Yoga with Marie, Monthly events and Bi-weekly dinners. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

Citygate white bus Ministry as a part of the Outreach ministry


The purpose of bus ministry is to provide children and adults with a consistent and dependable opportunity to attend church. We are to give a ride to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend church or be part of a church family. Our goal is to reach the 5 mile radius with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to be able to take anyone who wants to fellowship along with us. We are a team of people who love God, love kids, love people and have a heart for our community. We believe as a team we are called to more than just getting them to church. We are called to love, build-up, and set an example of a Christian.

Jump on board and get involved in Bus Ministry outreach today! We are always looking for bus drivers and volunteers to love and serve those we get the privilege of picking up every week for church.

Teenagers hanging out in the Youth Ministry, The Sound in Fort Myers, FL


Crossover Youth Center is on a mission to provide a loving environment, that will enable youth to leave behind poor habits and inherit greater levels of character with a family of supporters who encourage the will of God. We believe God has given us a vision to use relevant programs, sports, and education to spread the biblical principles of love, forgiveness and servant hood through an active life of faith through Jesus Christ. We desire to equipped teens with sustainable life skills and spiritual maturity to be products of change in their communities, schools, and households.

Friday Night – 7:00pm-9:30pm



We are always looking for talented and passionate volunteers to help with our outreaches. Where is God calling you to serve? To find out more about how you can get involved, contact us today. We’d love to have you as part of the team!